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  Camo Stencils, Template

Real Look Wetland 4pc Large Kit (3) 20x12 (1) 12x8 inch Stencils

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Perfect For Blinds,Duck Boats,Cars And Trucks, ATVs
 1. One Large 20x12 Real Look Cattail Stencil.
 2. One Large 20x12 Real Look Grass  Stencil.
 3. One Large 20x12 Background Oak Bark Stencil.
 4. One 12x8 Background Oak Bark Stencil For Hard To Reach Areas.
 5. Each Stencil Is Numbered And Appropriate Camo Color Provided Right On The Stencil Itself Taking Any Of The Guess Work Out Of Camouflaging Your Boat, Truck, Blind, ATV. 
 This Kit Shipped FLAT not rolled Up In A Tube!
 Laser Cut From 10Mil Solvent Resistant Mylar Durable But Flexible Enough For Rounded Areas!