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Be sure to remove dirt, grease and any foreign matter. Dull glossy painted surfaces to reduce glare with a scotch pad to improve adhesion and life of the Camo finish, If painting metal use a primer etcher to promote adhesive to aluminium or metal.

Most Camo paints can be purchased at your local Lowes, Menards, Home Depot or your local Wal mart in a variety of colors such as Tan,Brown.Grey.Black,Dark Green and Light Green

Identify your background and plan on what pattern you want to imitate before you begin. For example; if you are painting a duck boat, you may choose to use pond reeds.cattails Or Marsh Grass for your spray pattern. If you are painting a tree stand, oak leaves and branches could be used for your pattern.

Some Prefer Military Style Camo Its A Good All Around Camo For Duckboats Or Blinds.

Apply your FLAT base color. In most cases you base color will be a lighter color such as tan or olive drab with the darker colors applied second -- creating shadows around the natural pattern you choose. Several colors may be combined as your surroundings or seasons vary. In early season more greens and browns may be used in winter more tans and brown with trees being a grey.

Always be careful not to over apply dark colors or shadows on items with a lighter "skyline" backdrop, such as tree stands. Also use caution not to use light colors, such as a ground blind in heavy trees, where the backdrop may be darker. Keeping your equipment camouflaged to match your most current surrounding is an important technique that, if mastered, can be a huge contributor to success in the field.

Cleaning and Care Of Your Stencils-- Use a paint Solvent to carefully clean your stencils directly after painting (DO NOT SOAK OVERNIGHT! and do not use Lacquer Thinner) Wipe dry and put them away flat for next use.

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